Water on ProtectaClear Coated Stainless Steel

Do You Love Your Stainless Steel but Hate the Smudges, Fingerprints and Rust?

Stainless Steel is Stain"Less" - Not Stain"Free"

Rusty Stainless Steel railing Stainless steel railing after restoration with ProtectaClear

Your Stainless Steel can be easy to keep clean, shiny and gleaming like new. Stop cleaning and enjoy the beauty.

  • Hate Fingerprints & Smudges on your stainless steel appliances?

  • Love stainless steel but live near the beach?  You can have both. Prevent salt corrosion on stainless steel.

  • Architectural Stainless Steel can be restored and maintained indefinitely. 

  • Stainless Steel already rusty?  How to Restore it to Look New Again and protect from future rusting.
  • New Stainless Steel? How to protect it and keep it new.

  • Keep your Stainless Steel BBQ looking new.

Watch a Video of a Stainless Steel Barbecue being protected with ProtectaClear

It is a misconception that stainless steel is stainless. Stainless steel will degrade like all other architectural metals. The term "stainless" implies a resistance to staining, rusting and pitting. Stainless steel generally has a higher resistance to the effects of exposure but will still be affected by the elements.

Stainless steel is susceptible to fingerprints and smudges. Stainless steel can also corrode from salt air oxidation, road salt and other damaging elements.

ProtectaClear is a tough, durable clear protective coating that protects stainless steel from corrosion, salt air pitting and provides excellent fingerprint and smudge prevention. Stainless steel surfaces protected with ProtectaClear will be much easier to keep clean and will never darken as it will with oily protectants.

Protect both interior and exterior stainless steel with ProtectaClear Protective Coating.

Stainless Steel BBQ
Stainless Steel Backsplash
Stainless Decor
Stainless Steel Column


USE ON Architectural metal, building exteriors, restaurant equipment, stainless steel refrigerators, Stainless Steel sinks, Stainless Steel Barbeques and much more.  ProtectaClear is safe around food once it is cured and will help kitchen equipment easier to keep clean.

ProtectaClear is easy to apply, self-leveling, it will blend to itself so touch-ups are easy.

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What Do I Need to Restore & Protect Stainless Steel?
Rusted, Corroded or Tea-stained Stainless Steel?


ProtectaClear Kits with Cleaners & ProtectaClear. 

ProtectaClear is available in various sided cans.
New Stainless? Just need the ProtectaClear Coating?

More Kits available with Cleaners, Neutralizers, Polishes & ProtectaClear.


"I used ProtectaClear on my outdoor stainless steel grill, doors and drawers in my outside kitchen. The coating went on like a charm it was the easiest application  I have ever done.
The coating was applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces there was no dripping or running. It dried rapidly and the equipment looked like new. 
What I got was great customer service, easy to follow instructions, a complete installation package even the gloves, great follow up and a product that stands up to the Texas heat without peeling, flaking or yellowing. The water has not caused any brown spots since applying and ProtectaClear has performed past my expectations. Thanks,"  Paul Rabago
"I used the ProtectaClear on my project. My project is a pneumatic engine that I wanted to polish up to put on display. It is made of stainless steel, aluminum, and brass components assembled on a hickory base. I was having trouble with rust forming on the stainless steel parts, even after I polished them up. I wanted to add a clear coat to help prevent future rust and I found ProtectaClear.

The ProtectaClear was very easy to apply. I am astounded by how clear it is! I thought for sure that I would be able to see some slight color difference, but there is absolutely none. The ProtectaClear is so clear that after I emptied the foil pan I used and let the residual dry, it was impossible to see that the pan had even been used. The stuff is invisible! It dries smoothly and quickly, and adding subsequent coats is a breeze.

I must say that I am completely pleased with this product and how well it worked for my project.
I have attached some photos of my finished project in case you would like to see. In a few of the photos you can see how shiny the components are. The ProtectaClear preserved the polished finish quite well, and I think even enhanced it some.
Again, thank you for the quality product."
-Cameron Whetten

"We have just recently used the ProtectaClear on our new grill we purchased and it is truly amazing. What a great product. I wasn't sure how good it would work but when my wife applied it to our outdoor kitchen all I could do was stare at it. What an unbelievable job it did, no fingerprints on the stainless steel and it looks new all the time. Now she wants to use it on her appliances in the house. Thanks" Greg Parker